Become an Multiples Auckland Central (M.A.C) Member

If you are expecting twins or triplets, then joining your local multiple birth club is one of the essential tasks to do before your babies arrive. Just ask any parent of multiples! Your annual subscription to M.A.C will provide you with:

The M.A.C newsletter (6-8 issues each year) which publishes submissions written by current members specifically on topics concerning multiples. Recent topics have been:

  • The First 3 Months
  • Travelling with Multiples
  • Food Allergies
  • Multiples and Finances
  • Sleeping Issues

New Parent Evenings which are a wonderful forum for expectant or new parents to meet with experienced parents of multiples and discuss parenting issues. The feedback we receive about these evenings is fantastic, its a great way to find out what life with multiples is really like and to discuss issues you might not have thought of, giving you confidence and information to tackle the challenges as they arise! They are held 5 times per year. Register online.

The weekly M.A.C multiples playgroup ($4 per family) which is very popular with expectant mothers, new mums and those with toddlers and preschoolers. More info.

M.A.C Equipment Hire is very popular for hiring some of the essential equipment you may need for a short time only such as the double Snap N Go Wheels, Bumbos and exersaucers. Advance bookings are essential! View our range of hire items.

Hire of the M.A.C Bouncy Castle which is available for hire only to members at very competitive rates

Discounts from selected baby and children retailers upon presentation of your membership card.

Regular M.A.C events (info coming soon)

And … once your babies are finally here, you will receive a free carton of Huggies newborn nappies delivered free to your door!

All this for just $35 per year!  Click here to join now.

Alumni membership

We are pleased to announce that M.A.C will be offering Alumni memberships for $10 per year.

Alumni memberships are available to current members whose multiples are 4 years or over at the time of their renewal.

Our Alumni memberships are priced to reflect the fewer services that families with older multiples use and to reward our members for their continued support.

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