Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from new and existing members.

(Currently being updated – 1st March 2016 , some information out of date)

  • Do you run antenatal classes for multiples?

Antenatal classes specific to multiple births are run in accordance with the Ministry of Health requirements by certified providers who have expertise in this area. ACMBC is a club run by volunteers and therefore it is not appropriate for these to be held by ACMBC.  Contact details for the multiples antenatal class providers are here. We would encourage you to enrol in a course as early as possible in case your multiples arrive unexpectedly early.

  • Do I need to live in central Auckland to join ACMBC?

There are 3 multiple birth clubs in the Auckland area: Auckland Central (this club), North Shore and Counties Manukau, however geographic boundaries are not strictly adhered to and you are welcome to join whichever club best suits you and your family.

  • Can I transfer my membership from another club to ACMBC?

Each club operates independently and therefore you will need to join ACMBC as a new member.

  • I am pregnant with twins/triplets and have lots of questions about what to expect when my babies arrive and what I will need to know/equipment I might need for the first few months. How can I find out more?

ACMBC holds New Parent Evenings for expectant parents where discussion groups with experienced parents of multiples will talk about what you might need to consider and their personal experiences with their multiples. 4-5 evenings are held each year and you will be sent an invitation after joining the club or you can register online here. New member packs are usually handed out at these events.

  • Can I gain access to previous club newsletters as they have very valuable information to a new member?

Yes you can – we have newsletter archives of some of our past issues available here. You need your website password which is issued once you have joined the club. If you have forgotten your password, just enter your email address and click on ‘What’s My Password’.

  • I’ve completed the membership form and have paid the subscription fee. When can I expect my membership card to arrive?

Within 14 to 21 days of payment. Please remember that our club is run by parents of multiples who are all volunteers – they will try to process your application as fast as possible however from time to time this can be challenging when dealing with twins/triplets or more!

  • Do I get a discount for nappies?

When your multiples arrive, members are entitled to one free carton of newborn size nappies kindly provided by Huggies. Please contact the Nappy Coordinator with the birth details here or via the contact number in our newsletter so your nappies can be ordered. There is no ongoing discount for nappies although many online outlets offer discounted pricing for bulk purchasing.

What age should my twins be before I come to Playgroup?

You are most welcome to attend playgroup at any time – even before your multiples are born! If you already have preschool children they are also welcome. There is also an area for parking double buggies (of course!). More information is here.

How do I hire equipment?

Easy! Just go to our equipment hire page and complete the form for the equipment you require. Advance bookings are required for our most popular items such as Snap N Go wheels, Exersaucer, Bumbo seats, Baby swing and Mountain Buggy Travel Bag.

I’ve forgotten my password that is required to access the password protected pages (Bouncy Castle booking page, Discounts and Newsletter Archives). How do I get it reset?

Easy – just enter your email address and click on the ‘What’s My Password’ button and it will be sent to you immediately. If you have changed your email address then please let us know and once we have verified and updated your details a new password will be sent to your new email address.

  • I love the work you do and would like to join the committee – how do I do this?

New committee members are always very welcome! The committee members change regularly as their children get closer to school age and so we are always looking for new volunteers to be involved in running the club. Click here to express your interest.

  • I found a retailer or organisation who will offer a discount for ACMBC members – who do I contact to have this listed on the website and newsletter?

Send us the details here, we may need to contact them to confirm they will honour this for all our members.

  • I am travelling out of town with my multiples, can I make use of another club’s hire equipment while I am away?

It depends on the club as we all operate independently of each other – some clubs may charge an increased refundable bond. Our Equipment Co-ordintaor can provide you with the contact details for the relevant club to enable you to contact them direct . Please send a request here.