Antenatal Classes for Parents of Multiples

MAMA aims to give parents-to-be information that will support you to combine instinct and information and make informed choices when planning a healthy and happy pregnancy, labour and birth and early parenting experience.

MAMA provides information to assist with:

  • Understanding how maternity services are provided in Auckland

  • Contacting and choosing a Lead Maternity Carer (LMC) midwife, doctor or obstetrician in Central Auckland, West Auckland and the North Shore

  • Information about classes that help you to prepare for labour, birth and parenting (antenatal classes)

  • Providing information about the amazing growth and changes that you and your baby are experiencing and to assist you to make choices that will help you to have a healthy and satisfying maternity experience.

MAMA provides Birth and Parenting Preparation Courses that are funded by the Auckland and Waitemata District Health Boards  at various locations in Auckland. MAMA has a limited capacity of fully subsidized courses so we also offer user-pays courses at various locations when needed.

MAMA also runs specialized courses for parents expecting twins and triplets in Morningside/Mt Albert and Unsworth Heights. See their website for locations and times.

Virtual Hospital Tours

Physical tours are no longer available around Auckland Hospital. To view the virtual hospital tour for Auckland Hospital, please click on the links below:

National Womens Labour and Birth Unit

NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)

Government Assistance/WINZ

If you have a child under five and have had a multiple birth, then you are entitled to government funded home help. This is not means tested.  You are entitled to 240 hours over one year for twins and 1560 hours over two years for triplets.

WINZ website with information about multiple birth entitlements:
A list of what you need to bring along
WINZ Application for Home Help Payments (pdf)

For more information contact your local WINZ Service Centre or phone 0800 559-009.

NZMBA Resources

The ACMBC, along with 27 other clubs in New Zealand is affiliated to the New Zealand Multiple Birth Association which has a website where you can view their regular newsletter (enter NZMBA_member in the username field, password is m3mb3r).

If you have just discovered you are pregnant with twins, here is a brochure from NZMBA on what you should consider regarding LMC care and other useful info about being pregnant with twins.

NZMBA publications on the issues to be addressed regarding twins in school and preschool can be purchased through ACMBC (the cost is $3). Contact ACMBC Equipment Co-ordinator

Other Auckland Multiple Birth Clubs

North Shore MBC

Counties Manukau MBC

Triplets Plus

NZ Discussion Forums on Multiples

A few of the NZ forums and threads specifically on multiple births are linked below. You are able to view and post questions to other parents of multiples using these forums.

ACMBC Facebook Group – email for access

Kiwi health, Pregnancy & Parenting Multiple Birth Thread

Oh Baby! Forums – Twins Triplets and More thread

Auckland Libraries

Wriggle and rhyme is a fun, free programme that provides positive movement experiences to stimulate development of both the brain and body for babies 0 – 2 years.

Session Times For Wriggle & Rhyme

Storytime ideal for 3 – 5 year olds. Some libraries offer regular storytimes in languages other than English, and we often tailor our sessions to incorporate school holiday themes or major celebrations such as Christmas, Chinese New Year, Diwali and Matariki, the Māori new year.

Session Times For Storytime

Toy Library

Toy Libraries offer a range of quality toys, puzzles, games and learning activities for members to hire for a set period of time. In NZ our toy libraries mainly cater for children 0-8 years. Many libraries also stock games, puzzles, sport, musical and other play items suitable for the entire family. Some therapeutic toy libraries such as those run by CCS focus on children with special needs. Toy Libraries are run by a group of volunteers for the benefit of children in your community. Fees vary from library to library.

Find a toy library near you.

Twin Zygosity Test

The Twin Zygosity test will establish whether or not twins or other multiples are identical. Individuals have unique DNA excepting identical twins and other identical multiples. Thus, we expect that identical twins will have an identical DNA profile. Twins who are not identical will have different DNA. This test is sometimes undertaken to satisfy a parent’s, or the adult twins’ curiosity or for health reasons.

Collecting the sample
Mouth swab samples are collected at home and then sent by post to DNA Diagnostics Ltd. A sample collection kit is provided upon request. The kit contains instructions, sterile swabs and a form for completion and return to us with the samples and the payment. A pre paid return envelope is supplied.

Cost: $168.75 incl GST (based on 1 set of twins)

More information from Diagnostic Medlab.